60 Minute Session – $80

Wear comfortable clothing as you walk into the studio located in my house. Lie on the massage table or have a seat in a chair as we begin our Reiki session. With no touch or light touch, I will focus on your chakra points and use Universal Life Energy to heal and cleanse your body of negative energy, pain, and trauma. Enjoy the soothing sounds of meditation music, feel the healing and relax! At the end of the session, we can draw an Oracle or Tarot card, depending on your preference.

30 Minute Session – $40

Relax in my studio with soft meditation music as you lay on the massage table or sit in a chair. With a softly scented candle glowing in the darkened room (to your preference), we begin our session with a deep breath. With gentle touch or by hovering my hands over your Chakra points, I use Reiki to clear out the negative energy and promote healing on the emotional, physical and mental levels.

Chair Reiki – $30-$60

For anyone with difficulty getting up on a massage table, who experiences discomfort laying down, Chair Reiki may be an option for you. Available in 60- or 30-minute sessions, a Chair Reiki session can be the upright alternative to a typical Reiki session!

Gift Certificates

Available in any increment! A wonderful gift for any holiday or special occasion!


For anyone with difficulty leaving their home, Reiki can come to you! Please contact me for pricing, as there may be a small travel charge involved.