About New Moon Reiki

New Moon Reiki, a tranquil home studio, has been your personal sanctuary for over two years. As the sole practitioner, I offer a unique, hands-off healing experience to anyone seeking physical, mental, or emotional balance. Each session concludes with a complimentary tarot or oracle card reading, adding a touch of the metaphysical to your journey towards wellness.

I became interested in Reiki because I developed a chronic pain condition in 2018. There were a lot of synchronicities in my life surrounding Reiki at the time; the 5 tenants of Reiki were in a book I was reading… my mentor spoke of it… and a woman my mother met actually practiced it! So, I found a practitioner, booked a session, and was instantly hooked. I found it to be immensely helpful with my pain levels, and when I showed some interest in learning to do Reiki on myself, I started practicing self-Reiki. A few months after that, in 2019 I got my first attunement. I later went on to get my second attunement, start practicing on others, and then a few years later when I moved, I set up my own studio in a spare room in my house. In March of 2021 I got my Master attunement, and am now a Reiki Master.

We are called New Moon Reiki because the new moon is the time when you set intentions for the next lunar cycle. In my studio, I want my clients to walk in and together we can learn what needs to be weeded out of your life, and what needs to be brought to the light. Just by trying Reiki, you are setting the intention that you want healing and balance in your life, and I want my studio to be a reminder that each time you arrive, you are here for you!

Reiki is similar to a massage in that I use a massage table. It differs in that I don’t actually use pressure when I touch you. I actually use very light or no touch when I am practicing Reiki. The energy flows from the Universe through me, and can pass through clothing, blankets, and other material. So being covered up if you’re chilly isn’t a problem, either!

And if a massage table is a problem for you, Chair Reiki is a solution! I understand that stairs and tables may be difficult for some people to navigate, so rest assured there are work-arounds. I am delighted to practice Reiki on you while you sit comfortably upright in a chair.

If you find that my studio is too difficult for you to get to, due to disability or because stairs are difficult for you to navigate, I am always happy to have the session in another area of the house, or I can even come to you! Please reach out if you are interested, as a small travel charge may apply.